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I recently graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. I also studied French and Environmental Studies. My professional aspirations reflect my passion for working with people of different backgrounds and vocations, as well as my entrepreneurial drive to challenge myself and produce great results for others. I have always loved learning, and I believe the greatest teacher is experience. My objective is to build a consultation portfolio of the highest quality, efficacy, and integrity by providing services to small businesses, communities, and everyday people.

I come from a background of small business, with both of my parents raising me while being self-employed, themselves. I grew up helping them run their operations, which helped me cultivate an entrepreneurial drive at an early age. My ultimate goal is to give smaller businesses a fighting chance in a marketplace that is increasingly dominated by large corporations and billionaires. While pursuing several other interests (including construction, e-commerce, and investing) I am now taking the first steps towards growing my own business by helping those who care deeply about theirs.


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